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First of all I have to admit to not having seen the original Dutch version so I won't be comparing this to that although I'm fully aware of the tacked on happy ending created for the U.S Version. I've always liked this movie in spite of the hollywoood interefence with the ending, the first drastic change is to show the 'Vanishing' first and then Barney planning it as per the original film. I'm not sure quite how this plays out in the original as it seemed a little odd seeing the abduction and then Barney questioning if he would fully go through with it knowing already that he had (I found myself questioning when this was taking place). It also meant that we cut from Barney planning the abduction a slow fade, then Barney driving past a sign showing the vanishing occurred three years earlier. Its a small nitpick but I didn't quite get the sense of three years passing in the same way as it works in the original cut. Theres a very noticeable cut to Keither Sutherland talking to his book publisher but other than that the editing was well done hence my dropping a point on the editing marks. I would really like to congratulate Agent Sam on his handling of the finale though, that is really well done, the movie ends a little abruptly but it works because its so god damn dark (literally!) and leaves you with chills. The song Agent Sam chose really works too for me. I really enjoyed this edit and while it sounds like I've cricitized it a bit I'm just highlighting a few editing choices that didn't quite work for me, I'm sure others will feel differently... Recommended!!
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Thanks a lot for taking the time to write a review :)

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