Upload [Hacked Edition]

Upload [Hacked Edition]
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This turns what was originally a porn movie into a real movie. All graphic adult content was removed to present an enjoyable B-movie. And it is.
To turn this from a porn movie into a film.
Additional Notes:
When first released this was a 4 hour and 30 minute porn film with a decent storyline for the cyber age. A caption states that it’s the near future. In an office, an interrogator (never named) asks DSA (Digital Security Agency, a part of the futuristic Department of Homeland Security) agent Cassandra Cray to tell him about the Enigma virus, which is apparently the name of a virus she uploaded to “the Grid “. She shakes her head in amusement, and the interrogator asks her to take him through the events that led up to it. Cray begins by stating that she and partner were following rumors of a supervirus being smuggled into the US from the Kazakh Collective. The virus was almost legendary, but if it did exist, it would be imperative that the agents get it. Although I was able to eliminate all sex scenes entirely (although I did leave Eva masturbating with her panties on, trimmed out her naked hoho and her cramming her hand into it though). There is still quite a bit of Hilary Scott’s naked breastesses and a flacid male wang. Why recut a porn? Because all in all, this isn’t a terrible story. It’s on par with many B movies from the 80′s (think Linea Quigley).
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Cut all scenes of graphic adult content.

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