Unsane & Jennifer (Argento Double Feature)

Unsane & Jennifer  (Argento Double Feature)
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1982 / 1985
Original Running Time:
101 / 116
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64 / 65
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A Dario Argento double feature.
In this 64-minute cut of Tenebrae, (Unsane) I cut the dream sequences of Peter Neal. I used only one scene of that as a flashback. A lot of trims in dialogue, the crane shot is trimmed with music rescore of Goblin. In the scene were the girls are murdered the killer is already inside. The girl Maria is in this cut a victim who falls accidentally in the hands of the killer. Neal doesn't know the girl like in the original. This cut is also done in a 2.35:1 ratio.

The 65-minute cut of Phenomena (Jennifer) is on some scenes complete re-scored with other music of Goblin. I used tracks of Tenebrae and Suspiria. Some cuts in the music in this version, a lot of sound effects. Some scenes at the school are complete cut, like teasing Jennifer by her classmates, the escape from her school is removed (totally unbelievable). It's only mentioned by her that she is "run away from school". Jennifer taking some pills in the bathroom is cut. Lot of trims are made in dialogue. Inspector Geiger follows Jennifer in the bus, in my version it's McGregor (Pleasence) who's behind this trying to catch the killer. Also done in a 2.35:1 ratio.
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