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(Updated: September 16, 2012)
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TMBTM has managed to do a difficult thing: rescore a movie. The lyrics by Within Temptation often match the on-screen action/emotions surprisingly well. I can appreciate the amount of work it took to lay down the new score, but the new music itself didn't work for me, simply because I've never been partial to operatic metal unless it's by Spinal Tap. I would have preferred to listen to an atmospheric soundtrack with little or no singing, or maybe even some loungey death metal or Bollywood booty shakers, but, hey—if you, my fellow viewer, groove to this particular band or style of music, then this edit just might float your supernatural boat.

I found both theatrical releases a bit goofy and unintentionally so, but TMBTM did an admirable job of paring them down, removing some of the goofier elements (e.g., Kraven's infantile brooding—you'd think a long-lived vampire might sport a tad more equanimity), and combining them chronologically to create something more epic and definitely more watchable, even if the second half feels a bit disjointed. But that's the fault of the originals, as Movie #1 had the hotter chick, but Movie #3 the more coherent story.
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