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Under The Terminator's Skin
October 26, 2014    
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I'll start by saying that Under The Skin has been one of my favourite films of 2014. I like my science-fiction weird and my horror creepy and unsettling, and I'm always a fan of films that use music as an integral part of the overall experience, so for me it was a 3/3 hit.

This edit is a successful experiment in using the oppressively strange and almost hostile soundtrack from UTS to provide a very different feel to Terminator 1. Coupled with some seamless visual cuts, the original release of T1 is effectively condensed into a single nightmarish sequence of events.

If I had any criticisms they would lie on the audio editing front - not in how the new music is handled, but because I couldn't help feeling that either more sound effects or fewer would be required (with the latter option almost certainly involving a lot more work to try and find suitable cues in the music and match them to the on-screen events). However, this is a minor bugbear and not a big deal.

Overall, a fresher and more gripping take on the Terminator franchise than anything the official releases have provided since T2, IMO.

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