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(Updated: November 06, 2014)
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The music totally worked for me and turned every scene into one of greater dread. I once thought the techno soundtrack for T1 fit the movie like a hand in mailed glove, but this aural outing actually made me feel in a more visceral way how desperate Sarah & Kyle were, the holyshit danger. Take the word "stark" and wizardly turn it into a short fanedit, and you get this.

In a very good/mysterious/surreal way, this piece reminds me of Dwight Fry's Spidey edit, in that it transports you on a most deliciously fucked-up wonderbus.

I was hoping the narrative would mess with the time travel elements. Conveniently, the Terminator franchise is bulging with this particular fanediting raw material. The story here is a condensed version of the theatrical telling, nicely done, but it misses an opportunity to put a twisty wrinkle on a well-known plot.

The video seemed a bit juddery to me, and I can't tell whether it's a Vimeo conversion problem or a whatnot amongst whatnots. No biggie.

Folks, this is the kind of thing you can show fanediting virgins (or the recently devirginized) to give them a taste of the alternate life of a movie. I look forward to more edits by DominicCobb. Make them and send them back through time.

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