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Shorts October 26, 2014 2210
(Updated: November 01, 2014)
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Audio/Video Quality: 6
Not terribly good, a bit blocky and compressed but in a way that added to the grungy feel.

Visual Editing: 10
Genius. Seemlessly taking footage from all across the film and splicing it all together into one chase sequence. If this was my first watch I'd never guess that hadn't always been like this. I loved the "nasty" looking saturated Grindhouse feel to it all.

Audio Editing: 8
The new music was a superb and refreshing change lending this an avant-garde style. I'd have liked much more added SoundFX though because when it was used, it was awesome. e.g. the running-down-the-alley sequence; It sounded like both a Grindhouse soundtrack and the dream-like artificial soundtracks of Sergio Leone.

Narrative: 9
There isn't much character but that didn't matter as I like Sarah and Kyle already from countless views of the source... but the simple chase-narrative worked a treat.

Enjoyment: 8
With HD visual to show off the new colour-timing and filmFX and more of the same great added soundwork this would be a 10/10. It's still a hell of a ride though!

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