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Back before Joel Schumacher was putting nipples on Bat-Suits and apologizing for Mr. Freeze's bad puns (i don't care what anyone says, i love those bad puns) in a DVD commentary, he was making some pretty decent films, such as The Lost Boys and Falling Down. So i was mildly interested going into this fanedit.

I can understand the whole being sick of the “I’m-a-cop-and-today-is-the-last-day-before-I-retire-and-I-really-should-just-sit-behind-a-desk-like-everyone-tells-me-to-but-there’s-just-this-one-case-that-only-I-can-crack-so-I’m-going-to-investigate-it-and-in-the-process-rediscover-my-love-for-police work-and-maybe-I-won’t-retire-after-all” cliché, as Adabisi puts it. If anything, the joke character in comedies has become a cliché itself.

Overall, this edit is good and gets what the editor wanted across. But the fact that the original movie was meh (interesting, but meh) to begin with leaves little in this edit's favor. I kinda like the cop, because it broke the movie up with something that wasn't the "angry white man" for the entire movie. It also helps with the cop appearing at the end instead of making us think "Where did he come from? Thank god that specific cop was there"

All in all, i can't really recommend this edit, due to it not being "interesting" enough for an edit, but i have no complaints towards it, as it's both well edited and gets the point across.

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