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FanFix August 15, 2012 3481
(Updated: August 31, 2012)
December 14, 2009 @ 8:24 pm

I was never much of a fan of this movie and had not watched it in years. I decided to DL this fanedit and watch it. I enjoyed this version a lot more than I expected to. Technically, a great edit and fine quality – no issues at all.

After watching this edit, I decided to go DL the original from Netflix to my TiVO HD and watch it. I still had to fast-forward thru much of the original. I found that I was fast-forwarding thru the very parts that the fanedit had removed.

I still don’t care much for the movie – either in it’s original form or this edit – NOT because of Adabisi’s effrots whatsoever. This movie is just a mediocre film and is flawed. I just can’t see how any edit can really improve this movie to the point of me watching it ever again.

I will say, that this edit is immensly more watchable than the original. Well worth the DL and time to watch.
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