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Sometimes scenes are deleted from a film because they're just not that good, and sometimes they're just deleted to quicken the pace and allow more showings per day. The deleted scenes for Unbreakable are just as good as anything in the film, so if you liked the movie already, there's more to love here.

The video quality for this is not stunning, but not bad, and everything is edited in tastefully with some fades and some quick cuts. At some points I couldn't tell what was a deleted scene and what was in the theatrical version, as I haven't rewatched this in forever. Are any of these scenes really necessary to improve the story? No. But none of them weaken it, and several are quite good (the date night faux pas is particularly rich). They do emphasize that this is a slower-paced film, but if you're watching it as a character study and not expecting an MCU film, that shouldn't matter much.

This is at least as good as the theatrical version, and I can recommend it without reservation for either an alternate way to view, or a bookshelf replacement. For me, the elimination of the cheap title and ending cards alone makes it feel better and more artful than the original release, so this gets my vote. More thoughts here for real fans:

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