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(Updated: March 30, 2024)
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I finally got round to watching this version after watching Split Unbreakable Glass a while ago, and I have to say this is definitely my favourite of the two. Maybe it's just because I like slower movies, but I felt the way UGS handled the mysteries in the story was much more satisfying than SUG.
Cutting Casey from the story entirely was a bold choice, and I do think the edit suffers for it at the end, but it still works as a complete story. I also really liked what was done with Elijah's mother at the end.
While I appreciate that the entire point of this version was to use footage cut from SUG, and I think the incorporation of deleted scenes was especially effective, I still think that at least having Casey as a side character was needed to elevate the edit from a 9 to a 10 narratively.
Overall, I still prefer the original Unbreakable to the version presented here, but I think that UGS is a better way to view the trilogy than the original movies, and I might even prefer it to the original Split despite the fact that the main character of that film is completely absent.
A very good edit, definitely recommend watching.

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