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FanMix March 04, 2022 1556
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SUG is Dead - Long live UGS.
I dont know how this happened, i like UGS better than SUG and i gave SUG already only 10´s.
Wraith did not only create a brilliant Fanedit here, no, he created a new Universe, a different spin that i was not expecting and i was a bit afraid of, to be honest.

When i watched Split Unbreakable Glass (SUG) some weeks ago, i went thru 3,5 hours of Film.
Already deconstructed and put together differently, so that the whole xperience shines light in some corners, that havent been lit before.
i liked it and my thoughts on that are written in a review.

It wasnt long after that, when i said to myself: "this Wraith guy, he said something like `Wait till you see UGS` ...i wonder what he ment".
And so i did find myself starting Unbreakable Glass Split (UGS) not long after and boy, what a treat.
I can not imagin what kind of work went into doing this (no, i have not yet watched the Making of) - i wonder if his house was full of Post its, or Maps laying out the whole storylines, so that he can cut and weave, like a tailor, to his own liking.

The Suit he tailored fits so good, the cuts made are brave and so unexpected sometimes.
To be so bold to remove Main Characters from a Film just to make the whole structure even more logical, was mind blowing.

I like this Edit better than SUG because it gave me a feeling that i havent gotten from the Originals and or SUG.
This Edit made the difference, it left me thinking more, asking more and frankly - it will be watched again, for its brilliant editing and use of music and overall the Idea to use the same material for a far different watch is just overwhelmingly good.

Before you all get diabetic from all the sugar coating that my review turned out to be, go and watch it yourself.

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