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So how does one split glass that was once made Unbreakable? well I believe that it is through sheer force of will and creativity that the unbreakable glass can be bent splitting it’s narrative shards into multiple directions without causing the glass that contains these narrative threads to break as they instead smoothly slide and slot into place joining together to form a similar perfect cohesion present in Split Unbreakable Glass.

It is an interesting experience knowing the characters from Split Unbreakable Glass and uncovering new depths about them within this edit as such in a way Unbreakable Glass Split almost feels like a sequel to Split Unbreakable Glass though given it’s more streamlined and condensed approach it could very well be a predecessor for Split Unbreakable Glass.

I say this as it leaves questions that yield answers in said predecessor and the same applies if the viewing order is reversed as such regardless of the journey the destination will yield answers but the choice on where to start that journey will offer differing and intriguing perspectives into the world that M. Night Shyamalan created and that Wraith enhanced through the use of his non linear narrative structure but alas which is the better edit?

In terms of audience recommendation I would say that if one is looking for a more streamlined and focused experience than my recommendations go to Unbreakable Glass Split however if one is looking for an expansive experience that builds upon the mystery and world building than my recommendations go to Split Unbreakable Glass but as for me well I feel Unbreakable Glass Split has better pacing and relatability to the films main protagonist Split Unbreakable Glass has the superior narrative structure as it revolves around the greater scope of it’s world.

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Owner's reply April 29, 2022

Once more, I'm taken aback by your eloquent analogy in your review. which spins a more accurate representation of the project's intentions than mu hamfisted descriptions.

Thank once more for sharing those insighs and observations without spoilers for those who may be considering going on this journey.

Greatly Appreciated

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