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Maniac's Ultra Violence - NO SPOILER
I was so curious about the uncut version of Ultra Violence, that I almost had to have a sleepless night.
Who dares to make a recut of "A Clockwork Orange".
Who else but, Maniac !
I have to say that I've looked at an amazing experience.
An amazing experience that will be remembered for a long time.
A very original cut of Kubrick's masterpiece.
This must have been a lot of work. Maniac plays with difficult scenes and classical music.
Maniac has apparantly no problems with that.
Don't expact any brave version of ACO but a rock hard implementation.
I know ACO from front to back, left to right, top to bottom. I have greatly entertained with this new version.
I mention some highlights;
Reverse scene, a supporting role by a infamous German, lots of difficult cuts, great editing of music, new music tracks added, sound effects added and very very original new scenes added.
Maniac shows us that violence is pointless, that's why I keep the cheerful song Singin' the Rain.
A masterpiece, a superlative.
Definitely a must see !!!!!
Audio 10+ Video 10+

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