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(Updated: September 24, 2012)
September 27, 2009

Another standout, I liked what the original was doing, but was terribly dissapointed by many of the film maker’s decisions. Sadly I was dissapointed by this consensed edit having essentially the same ending as the orignal movie (which was one of the worst parts for me). Still great to watch though, and it’s not like I have a better idea for an ending. As a side-note, my girlfriend watched it with me and had never heard of the original. She liked it, but was confused when he was able to see his girlfriend on the news more than 2 minutes in the future, and when he eventually flashed all the way back. I suppose this was confusing in the original as well, but left her wondering what had happened. I suppose in fan edits we are often being blamed for inconsistancies in the original plots, since the audience assumed there must have been more explanation in the original.
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