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I finally got around to watching TP Nostalgia.

I am gonna rattle of a few points that i remember from binging this edit. Memo for the future.: . i must start writing notes for a more organized review.

The scenes are really enhanced by the new/old music and the edit is 95% on point.. a few mild snips and scene replacements would have made it perfect but i know these things are subjective and my review is just that.

I personally wouldn't have used The Pink Room tune to rescore any of the scenes as to me this is an epic hypnotic masterpiece native only to the back room of  the Power & The Glory bar and shouldn't be used anywhere but. 

We should have seen Richard Horne take the drugs before he runs over the little boy.

I would have also substituted the Viva Las Vegas tune when Dougie meets the Mitchum Brothers in the desert  with something different...not sure what but something.

Although a  beautiful song i would have cut the Eddie Vedder appearance  totally and started the scene with Audrey Horne walking into the bar...maybe add some new sound FX to cover the music.

I would have tried to replace the music during  Norma and Ed's reconciliation scene in the Double R...I know I know how dare you scrap the great Otis Redding but this song seems to be forced into the scene, David Lynch is on record saying he loves the Monterey Pop festival this live version is taken from. 

It would be interesting to know the editors thoughts on why the green glove man needed to be exorcised...yes it was a bit silly but i quite like the references to the Fireman...i do wish they would have set this character up a little better after all he had a big part to play in the demise of BOB. I think they missed a trick by having him appear so late in the series...The removal of Freddie Sykes, led to the biggest editing problem ...the fight at the Roadhouse with Renee's husband Chuck. First we have the host announcing ZZ Top's Sharp Dressed Man ...only for The Pink Room to kick just didn't work and the audio  dialogue levels were very low. As a solution i would have used subtitles in reference to The Pink Room scene in FWWM 

The original episode 8 - Gotta an absolute thing of beauty and i would have kept the whole episode in tact. Do you think the teenage girl in this episode is Sarah Palmer? Maybe - who knows.

Although i love all of the bands at the Bang Bang Bar the music interludes just seemed so forced and am overjoyed you managed to cut most of them. The new colouring is gorgeous - so warm and reminiscent of seasons 1&2 - so top marks for that...i also would have preferred you to make some end credits but i understand its a labourious task.

Overall - this edit is a winner and the rescoring really does heightened the Twin Peaksiness of The Return.

Sorry this review is more of series of memories than a structured review but thank you i had sense of Nostalgia rewatching your edit. Highly recommend with a few TwinPeaks..i mean Tweaks.

The 8 for Audio editing is purely for the fight scene mentioned above - the incorporation of the new music is a a solid 9 - a subjective point deducted for the use of the Pink Room track :)

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