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FanFix November 20, 2018 12043
(Updated: October 28, 2020)
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Damn good fan edit and hot……

Finding myself back in the black lodge and watching another Twin Peaks: The Return fan edit. What a blast.

ReddinoX did not only cut the whole season to a tighter pace but he did also an incredible job regrading season 3 to the original first 2 seasons.

The Return almost looks like a direct continuation of the first 2 seasons shot on film. No more digital plastic effect, we were back in the 90s and the golden film era.

Twin Peaks Nostalgia not only looks and feels like the original series but also sounds like it. I could not name all the reused music from the past Twin Peaks entries. But combining the visual and the soundtrack from the original entries was a brilliant idea.

Last but not least I really liked how the whole edit is cut together. There are no head-scratching subplots and nonsense characters anymore. Nostalgia is more focused on the original Twin Peaks characters and their adventures.

The final confrontation between Cooper and Bob/Mister C has been trimmed down. No more "hulk glove" attack and convoluted cutting. The weird digital effects have been trimmed down to the necessary as well.

This edit floats in the same realm as Q2 S3 edit and I enjoyed each episode as if it was the first time.

Well done ReddinoX.

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