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I've been a fan of Twin Peaks for years and, like many fans, had some issues with Fire Walk With Me, the film prequel to the series that's also a partial sequel. Certain things felt missing or absent. Where was Laura being given the money found in her safety-deposit box from the pilot? Why did the scene with Philip Jeffries feel incomplete and fragmented? Where's Nadine and Dr. Jacoby and Norma? Thankfully, not too long after the release of The Missing pieces, an enterprising and consistently on-point editor named Q2 did what we all wanted and added all but one scene back into the film, giving us the complete package. But then, one day, I hear about another FWWM edit. One that aims to create a hybrid of the theatrical and Q2's extended version, picking and choosing the added scenes with more care and attention as opposed to all-in. Color me intrigued. Q2's version had become my go-to version of the film, period, and I wondered how someone else's attempt at an extended edition might go. I'm pleased to say that Agent Sam Stanley has created a great and worthy version of this troubled masterpiece. Editing with an eye for greater tonal consistency and pacing, this version adds back in all but a few scenes, by my count: the extended scenes at the Double R; the scenes at the police station; Pete and Josie at the mill. These scenes, while enjoyable by themselves and okay in the context of the film (see Q2's version), can interrupt the emotional flow of the story here and there and seem jarring on some viewings. By excising these pieces, Sam Stanley achieves a hybrid between the theatrical cut's oppressive darkness and Q2's added clarity.

Audio: No audible issues or bad transitions that I made out. Clear and fairly consistent volume throughout, no real problems for me.

Video: The editing in this is invisible, which is half testament to the editor, and half to how poor the theatrical cut is by comparison. No hard or noticeable shifts or jarring transitions unless specifically intended by Lynch.

Narrative: I'm unsure which FWWM edit is my favorite, between this and Q2's. However, this version is what the theatrical cut SHOULD have been from the beginning. A clear, stable tone throughout, all the mythology and plot elements in place, characters reinstated where they should be, and the world of Twin Peaks feeling familiar.

Final Thoughts: I suppose, for me, what it comes down to is what I want during a given viewing of Fire Walk With Me. If I want the whole package, the fullest experience available, I'll go with Q2's. If, however, I want a leaner, more consistent and to-the-point version that takes the best of The Missing Pieces and lovingly reinserts them, I'll go with this version. Regardless, it's great to finally see more attention being paid to Twin Peaks in the fan edit community. Part of me hopes that Sam Stanley's next project is a tightening and restructuring of Season Two. He's demonstrated an eye for trimming the fat and distilling the meat in this edit that would serve Season Two well. Either way, I feel more than comfortable in giving Agent Sam Stanley the glad hand and congratulating him on stepping up to the plate and giving us his own take on this unfairly-maligned classic, showing us not only what could have been, but what should have been. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next from him, as he's made one hell of a first impression.

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August 23, 2017
Thank you very much for your kind words :)
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