Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me - Extended Blue Rose Cut

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me - Extended Blue Rose Cut

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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me - Extended Blue Rose Cut
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Now that we're getting close to 18 unseen hours of Twin Peaks, I've decided to release my extended edit of 'Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me', reintegrating some of my favorite deleted scenes back into the film. I know it's been done before but this edit only integrates scenes that IMO shouldn't have been cut in the first place. This is a very debatable topic among fans, so I'm expecting a lot of disagreements, but anyway, this is a personal project of mine I've decided to share.
Reintegrate some of the deleted/extended scenes back into the film following David Lynch/Robert Engels' shooting script.
Special Thanks:
A big thanks to Q2 for his extended edition of this same film. Many ideas for this edit came from his.
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Scenes added:

- Chet and Sam talking to Jack about Teresa Banks (extended scene)
- Sunrise with power lines (deleted)
- Fight between Chet and Cable (deleted)
- Cooper chatting with Diane (deleted)
- Phillip Jeffries arriving at the Palm Deluxe in Buenos Aires (deleted)
- Full Jeffries appearance at the FBI (extended)
- Full 'above convenience store' reunion (extended)
- Full Jeffries disappearance from the FBI (extended)
- Jeffries reappearing at the Palm Deluxe (deleted)
- Cooper questioning Sam about Chet (deleted)
- Bobby and Mike chatting in car, messing with Donna and Laura (extended)
- Laura running into her mom at the door, asking for keys (deleted)
- Laura gets home, Sarah questions where she was (deleted)
- Palmer dinner scene, Leland teaches Sarah and Laura to speak norwegian (deleted)
- Laura meets trucker by the road (deleted)
- Ed and Nadine enter the RR, Nadine storms off, Ed runs after her (deleted)
- Donna calms Laura down, Doc Hayward plays magic tricks, they eat muffins, Leland calls Laura (deleted)
- LMFAP shows Cooper the ring, asks if it's future or past (extended)
- Leo shows Shelly how to clean the floor (extended)
- Ed and Norma talk in Ed's truck (deleted)
- Tommy and Buck drive Laura and Donna across the border to "The Power and the Glory" (deleted)
- Phillip Gerard/Mike chants by a circle of candles (deleted)
- Leland calls Teresa (extended)
- Teresa tells Laura and Ronette "the guy split", Laura notices her ring, Teresa calls Jacques then Leland (deleted)
- Laura opens her diary and snorts some coke (extended)
- Bobby gives Laura the money, discovers the coke is actually laxative (deleted)
- Jacoby phones Laura (deleted)
- Laura and Sarah have dinner, Laura says she's going to Bobby's (deleted)
- Garland reads from the bible, Betty opens the door to Laura (deleted)
- Laura meets Bobby at the basement (extended)
- Bobby walks Laura to the door, Garland keeps reading (deleted)
- Leland gets home and sees Laura hiding behind bush (deleted)
- The nurses rush Annie in a stretcher (deleted)
- Cooper questions LMFAP about the ring, realizes he's trapped (deleted)
- Annie repeats her words to Laura. The nurse takes her ring (deleted)
- Doc Hayward and Truman break in and find Cooper on the floor (deleted)

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Surprised to be the first person reviewing this one, but I should add I haven't seen the Teresa Banks and the Last Seven Days of Laura Palmer version so can't compare the two.

Having seen the Missing Pieces independently it was great to see them put into context of the original film. The scenes themselves were seamlessly edited into the movie, and at times it was difficult to place exactly which scenes were original vs reincorporated. In the original cut there were a few issues of continuity, so seeing scenes with Agent Desmond's fistfight, Agent Jeffries' transportations and Teresa Banks' call to Leland made the flow much clearer, particularly the latter and for Leland's so violent a response.

That said, some scenes whilst enjoyable independently add little to the film's narrative and almost seem a little jarring, such as Big Ed and Norma and a few other tv series characters who up until that point had made no appearances. Perhaps thats why they were cut from the theatrical release.

With the new series back on tv it will be interesting to see how the additional ending scenes might play out, particularly with Annie and the nurse at the very end. Time will tell, but overall a thoroughly enjoyable edit of the film that adds depth to the original.

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