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“Damn good coffee” or more like "Damn good fan edit"

Season 3 of Twin Peaks has been already a masterpiece, but somehow I had my doubts about watching a cut version of it. Q2 reputation is well established amongst Twin Peaks and David Lynch hardcore fans and ultimately I got excited to get a look at his fan edit.

And boy, I was not disappointed. Sure a third of the season has been cut out, but somehow it still feels like a David Lynch product. Fun is to think that Q2 is part of the Blue Rose task force and his sole purpose is to streamline Twin Peaks for better understanding.

The length of the 5 parts is well kept and I really like that some excessively long shots have been trimmed. The balance is well kept between the main characters and the pacing between the normal and the interdimensional world is just spot on.

The connection between some subplots is more clear and well played together with the Cooper storyline. I only wished he kept my favorite song/group in the edit but that is my own preference.

This edit acts like a companion and I recommend watching the whole season 3 first. I'm glad I can understand the subplots better and I'm glad to leave my blu ray box to rest for a while.

Thank you Q2.

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