Twin Peaks: Between Two Worlds - Part V

Twin Peaks: Between Two Worlds - Part V

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Twin Peaks: Between Two Worlds - Part V
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Return to the town where no one is innocent.
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After a showdown between Cooper and his doppelgänger, Copper must find the person he's desperately sought for so long: Laura Palmer.

Part V combines and trims episodes 1, 8, 17, and 18.
Twin Peaks The Return was an exercise in patience. With its combined runtime of nearly 18-hours, some of subplots didn't contribute to the main story of Dale Cooper. As a diehard David Lynch fan I loved every minute of it, but I also know many people found some scenes went on too long and some storylines went unresolved. I decided it would be fun experiment to strip away some of the meandering stories and overtly long scenes/shots to see what a more streamlined version of Twin Peaks The Return would look like.
Additional Notes:
Some people may feel this edit is still too long. While I did trim many excessively long shots, I tried to balance it so that the final product retained that David Lynch quality. Something he does very well is create a sense of foreboding with long takes, a technique modern filmmakers don't do. I also left in some subplots that don't directly impact the Dale Cooper storyline but do impact the people that are part of it.
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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
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Special thanks to the following community members for the input, support, and graphic design prowess: TMBTM, Tm2YC, jswert123456, ReddinoX, and theryaney.
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  • Blu-Ray (BD-25)
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Too many to list.
Cover art by theryaney (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Art used created by Cristiano Siqueira

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