Twin Peaks: Between Two Worlds - Part IV

Twin Peaks: Between Two Worlds - Part IV

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Twin Peaks: Between Two Worlds - Part IV
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Return to the town where no one is innocent.
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Cooper finally recovers and makes his way back to Twin Peaks, the same destination as his evil doppelgänger. Worlds collide in this penultimate part!

Part IV combines and trims episodes 13 - 16.
Twin Peaks The Return was an exercise in patience. With its combined runtime of nearly 18-hours, some of subplots didn't contribute to the main story of Dale Cooper. As a diehard David Lynch fan I loved every minute of it, but I also know many people found some scenes went on too long and some storylines went unresolved. I decided it would be fun experiment to strip away some of the meandering stories and overtly long scenes/shots to see what a more streamlined version of Twin Peaks The Return would look like.
Additional Notes:
Some people may feel this edit is still too long. While I did trim many excessively long shots, I tried to balance it so that the final product retained that David Lynch quality. Something he does very well is create a sense of foreboding with long takes, a technique modern filmmakers don't do. I also left in some subplots that don't directly impact the Dale Cooper storyline but do impact the people that are part of it.
Special Thanks:
Special thanks to the following community members for the input, support, and graphic design prowess: TMBTM, Tm2YC, jswert123456, ReddinoX, and theryaney.
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  • Blu-Ray (BD-25)
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Too many to list.
Cover art by theryaney (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Art used created by Cristiano Siqueira

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