Twilight Zone: Charlie's Law, The

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Twilight Zone: Charlie's Law, The
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A classic Trek turned Twilight Zone!
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In the time of the Space Age, young Charles Evans is transferred to the starship Enterprise. Sole survivor of a crash eighteen years earlier, he is welcomed aboard with open arms. The boy, however, harbours a dangerous secret.
Renamed 'Charlie's Law' from the original script of the episode, my third attempt at adapting a Star Trek: The Original Series episode into a 1960s Twilight Zone episode brings us to 'Charlie X', probably *the* episode that best fits my idea, since it virtually is a Twilight Zone episode set on the ship of Kirk and crew.
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  • MP4/M4V/MOV
Editing Details:
Initially, I thought it best to keep the episode in its current format, more or less, and treat it as one of the would-be Season Four episodes, since I wasn't sure what I could cut. However, the real purpose behind these edits, is for me to adapt a Classic Trek fifty minute episode, into the more traditional half hour approach to anthologies.
Cuts and Additions:
So, once you take out all the Captain's Logs and exterior space shots, all that's left to edit is the main material. Here's what I have shaved off, which brings the edit in under thirty minutes:

* All Captain's Logs and exterior space shots.
* The "is that a girl?" exchange.
* Charlie swatting Janice on the posterior.
* The first part of the bridge scene discussing Charlie's survival.
* The opening of the recreation room scene, prior to Uhura's ad-libbed singing.
* The synthetic turkey and Kirk explaining the inappropriateness of hitting a woman, in the corridor. This also removes a continuity error with Kirk's uniform.
* The rest of the scene after the Antares is destroyed, including the 'live turkeys' prank.
* The entire chess scene.
* The end of the scene in which Janice introduces Tina to Charlie.
* Rand bringing her concerns to the bridge.
* The scene between Kirk and Charlie in the former's quarters.
* All the gym scene after Charlie disintegrates Sam.
* A few lines from both the briefing room discussion, and Kirk's questioning of Charlie.
* The subsequent bridge scene up until Uhura is electrocuted.
* Charlie's unannounced visit to Rand's quarters has been edited to cut out the commercial break.
* Charlie entering and breaking free from the brig.
* Uhura picking up a transmission, and Charlie telling Kirk it is his game to decide whether it is real or false.
* Some of the sequence of Kirk attacking Charlie, and the Thasians breaking through.
* Charlie's pleading to stay has been cut. Instead, Kirk speaks for him immediately.

Opening TZ narration edited from 'Elegy' and 'The Fugitive'.
Closing TZ narration edited from 'The Parallel'.

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Warlord's masterful mixing of Twilight Zone and Classic Star Trek produces yet another well-structured variant on a memorable episode. Nothing from this 25-minute trim felt out of step, all the core essentials of the story were retained so you knew exactly what was going on without any narrative side-steps. A worthy entry.
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