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True Romance – The Quentin Tarantino Cut
August 15, 2012    
(Updated: April 27, 2014)
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January 4, 2012

I had seen the avi version of this edit about a year ago and was disappointed in the video quality at the time. It wasn’t until discovering blueyoda’s other edits that I decided to give to his virgin effort a shot.
I downloaded the DVD and was pretty pleased with it this time around. The picture quality still looks off a lot of the time, but considering he made it for himself and his buddy and not intended to be a wide release, I’ll give him a pass on anything technical. I will say I thought the editing of it was well done.
As far as the new structure goes, it doesn’t fully work for me. Without getting into a college thesis on the matter, I’m a big Tarantino fan and own every movie he’s written, directed, acted in, what have you (yes, this means I own Little Nicky). I had read the script for True Romance before I ever saw the movie and was a bit confused by the narrative. Then when I saw the film much to my surprise it was in order this time and made a lot more sense. I love the movie and I think it’s the best of the films he wrote but didn’t direct. But the original structure still doesn’t quite work for me. It really doesn’t need to be told out of order and (for one example) spoils the Drexl storyline before we have a chance to see it. (Coccotti tells Clifford everything that happened in the shootout before the shootout happens on screen.)
All right, let me stop rambling.
Overall, despite how I feel about the structure, I think this is a great piece of Tarantino history and any big-time fan of his should dig it.

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