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Review by joebshmoe — April 1, 2009 @ 1:55 pm

(regarding the DVD…)

Enjoyable. Not an improvement to the original, but a great fanedit idea. It was fun to see the movie as Quentin intended, but I like the chronological unrated version.

Also, I think this could have been executed a bit better (cuts, fades, a video anomaly as Alabama runs to Clarence after the shootout).

I will disagree with Boon on most of his quality comments, tho. Reading his review would lead one to believe that this is riddled with errors, when I was only distracted a few times by editing and not a single time by audio issues. Of course, when using deleted scenes, quality is not expected to be perfect. Also, I can sit through a VHS workprint happily, so perhaps my standards are too low, LOL

This edit succeeds in its goal of preserving Quentin’s screenplay and is a good watch. I would, however, rather have a chronological extended version of “True Romance” – or perhaps a true fanedit ;)

Thank you, blueyoda!

entertainment 7/10
fanediting 8/10
video 8/10
audio 8/10
original 8/10
fanedit 8/10 (perhaps slightly less than the original…)

total 8/10
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