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As a huge fan of Tron: Legacy, and the rest of Joseph Kosinski's filmography, I was intrigued by the prospect of an improved version of the already fantastic film, but where I was hoping for perfection, pun intended, I got something that felt more hollow than the original. Now the editing alone was absolutely fantastic. Daft Punk's score is seamlessly, and I mean seamlessly, altered to fit the newly shrunken and trimmed scenes, and whilst what was cut was cut well, I feel this edit took out too much of what I liked and left a lot to be desired in the long run. Comedy lines which showed the naivety of characters were removed to make the story more serious and although I understand the desire to jump right into the grid and remove CGI Kevin Flynn from the opening, but these moments set up a character dynamic of father and son, the very thing that this edit sought out to reinforce. It's possible that objectively this edit is superior, but it removed the heart from the film and left a quirky sci-fi as a hollow shell of its former self. Great editing skills, but poor choice of scenes.
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