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(Updated: January 19, 2023)
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Not for me, this one!

Keo's done an admirable job trying to morph this film into something it was never meant or going to be, but as another reviewer mentions, when you take off all the spit and duct tape holding the narrative together, there's really not a lot left to propel it along other than the, admittedly gorgeous, visuals. It's still a fun ride despite, but trimming this much 'fat' leaves the whole thing feeling a bit anemic.

On a technical level the cuts made are mostly fine, though many are made 'off the beat' which throws a lot of scenes off their rhythm and the music cues into disarray; tone at the expense of feel. Also the audio quality is strangely low-bitrate, much of the higher-end frequencies are crushed entirely and there is a lot of crackling/clipping in louder parts. This is from the "2022 quality update v1.03". The sound design and music are such a huge part of this experience and it was a shame to have that noticeably degraded.

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Owner's reply January 22, 2023

Thank you for the review! I'll take a look at the technicals, and I am glad you still found a fun ride in spite of it being a bit thin now!!

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