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(Updated: January 10, 2023)
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I'm happy there's a fanedit of Legacy and I was really happy to see all the stuff it came with on the tin but all the changes made removed most of the spit and duct tape the movie was held together with. I really wanted to like this edit more but there's just alot that really doesn't work for me. Alot of people didn't like the oneliners and comedy in this film which I don't have a problem with but taking out all those lines rips out any little bit of character anyone in the movie has. It also leads to problems like the movie feeling like it's rushing to get to the next big thing and doesn't let characters just sit for a minute

Almost the entire section in the real world is ripped out which means we lose out on most of Sam's character. We don't get any sense that he and Flynn had any real relationship at all by the end I wasn't even sure if he like his dad. No emotion, just dips when he gets his chance. It seems like Flynn wants to have a relationship with his son but so much of their scenes together and their scenes alone are cut you really don't get much of an attachment. Other smaller moments of lines being cut short or removed. There were some good times when it positively helped the movie, times when there wasn't any real effect, and often the removal negatively detracted from what was happening on screen

All in all, it's a meh from me. I feel like the editor was trying too hard to make something new when they didn't have enough material to do it. Does some cool things, does a whole lot more that really screwed with my experience

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