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Do you really dislike Tron: Legacy? Yes? Then this edit is not going to make you like it.
Were you ambivalent about Tron: Legacy? Yes? Then you might really enjoy this edit!

Wakeupkeo trims over 30 minutes from this film, and I didn't miss a single one. It's a leaner, slicker piece of big popcorn cheese. But popcorn cheese it is. With many of the worst lines and most pointless side-plots gone, we're still left with a film that really has nothing to say and that's built on mind-numbingly typical dialogue. Full review here:

Props to the editor for making the film's strongest asset, the amazing Daft Punk soundtrack, flow smoothly and undisturbed. There were a few lines where the audio editing stood out to me, but nothing so jarring that I had to mark off points. Keeping the music flow intact was the truly impressive bit. Visual editing is even more flawless (I had a moment of slight confusion in the CLU/TRON fight, but not sure if that was due to the fanediting or original editing and I'm too unmotivated to check.)

Did I "enjoy" the narrative? Well, not that much. But more than the original, so it seems inappropriate to take points off here. This film is definitely an improvement on the original Tron: Legacy. It's still a huge wasted opportunity and I'd recommend the animated series instead (Tron: Uprising- amazing cast!) but Wakeupkeo has succeeded at making a bad movie less bad.

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