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FanFix August 15, 2012 3577
December 14, 2009 @ 9:37 pm

I perfer this edit more than Pauley79′s because of the qaulity of the edit. Overall. 9/10. I did find the black screen transitions a little disjointed, but undertsand why they are used.

I agree also, that I found this story much less satisfying than I expected/wanted to. It is NOT because of the edit, just that I can’t reconcile that Sisko is re-telling the events to the temproal agents and not experiencing real-time. How could he possibly know and be able to re-tell what the original crew is doing (except for the parts he/his crew experiences? of course, I guess he could be relating the histroicla account, inter-weaved with his own to the tmeproal agents – but wouldn’t they know the histroical version already?

An excelelnt edit overall.
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