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(Updated: September 01, 2012)
Hello everyone, I watched this awhile back and here’s my mini-review from

L8wrtr, this certainly was an astounding fan edit! It’s amazing that Anakin and Obi-Wan finally seem completely sympathetic, unlike in the theatrical cut.

This edit is wonderful in its handling of most aspects. The romance is also much more believable and distinctly less cheesy. While watching your edit, I was truly stunned that you were able to cull footage from romance scenes previously thought too cheesy to include in an edit. In stark contrast to “Attack of the Phantom,” you decided to keep in a tad bit unwillingness on both Anakin’s and Padme’s parts, which was really surprising. Unlike other reviewers on, I saw no issue in having that brief fireside scene.

Furthermore, since I did watch the original a lot when younger, I noticed that you’ve trimmed dialogue in various places, most notably Corde’s “I’ve failed you, Senator.” Not only have you cut some of Lucas’s most cringe-worthy dialogue but you’ve heavily tightened up the pacing of the film, taking out the filler. I always did find a sense of irony in the fact that though Lucas’s main directing advice seems to be “faster and more intense,” he always kept some extraneous dialogue within scenes.

This is now my definitive AOTC cut that I can place between your Shadow of the Sith and Kerr’s Dark Force Rising. You’ve turned his movie from an FX showcase to Star Wars. Fantastic work!

Video: 9/10
Audio: 10/10
Editing: 9.5/10
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