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Star Wars - Episode II: The Republic Divided
June 27, 2011    
(Updated: September 01, 2012)
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As soon as L8′s newly created Opening Crawl appeared, I knew I was in for a good ride!
For everything you need to know or expect from this edit is perfectly symbolized by L8wrtr’s new Crawl.
As the original Prequel Crawls are some of the most convoluted, headache inducing, and horribily written prologues
ever to grace the silver screen IMO. But L8 has boiled down the crawl to it’s core essence, simplifing and streamlining it
and putting the focus back where it needs to be, on the characters and main plot.

As he did with the Crawl, L8 applied the same concepts to the entire narrative. He has culled away everything that is either a distraction or needlessly complex, and returned the story to being about characters instead of special effects.

He has made Anakin actually fairly likeable in this version (which I thought would be an impossible task) and even tragic.

The romance feels slightly more real and believeable in this version, though both actors still come across at times as stiff and dull, but that is poor direction on Mr. Lucas’s part, no fault of L8.

Obiwan and Anakin’s relationship has more a Buddy feel to it with the removal of Anakin’s constant whining and disrespect.

L8 has wisely and thankfully trimmed most of the big action pieces which were way too long, too loud and honesty, very boring.
Gone are flying R2D2 (YAY!!!) and wardroid C3P0 (BIGGER YAY!!!).

I found myself agreeing with all the cuts and trims, the narrative flows very smoothly and nothing feels missing to me.
Though personally, I miss Yoda’s lightsaber duel, but I completely respect why it was cut.

Technically I did not notice any significant audio or video issues. All the cuts are clean, all the transistions are smooth, video quality was excellent and the audio sounded great.

While I am not a Star Wars Fan, and not as familiar with all it’s continuity and tiny details of it’s Universe, I found this Edit to be fairly entertaining and a definite improvement over the original. Thumbs Up from me!

Great work as always L8!

Looking forward to your version of the final installment of the Prequel Saga!

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