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(Updated: September 01, 2012)
I watched this edit several times, hoping to find something negative to say just so that I don’t sound like some gushing fan boy. But, I didn’t have much luck. This simply is a great edit. I’ve watched Diamond Wan’s and Spence’s epII edits. Of those two I prefer the Spence‘s, but I felt it could have gone a little further. In my opinion L8 has made the definitive Ep II.

First, I have to state that AOTC is by far the worst of the 6 movies. There are some flaws that no edit can fix. But, where things could be fixed (e.g. bad dialogue, bad delivery, pointless scenes) L8 fixed them. There are two points that I must highlight which made this edit great.

1. Adding subtitles to Zam Wessel’s death. By having her reveal the name of the planet, Kamino, there is no need for the horrendous diner scene (although, I do slightly miss the library scene). I don’t know if a previous edit did this, but it is simple and brilliant.

2. The droid factory. There are those scenes that I start to hate over time, then there are those scenes that I hated the first time I saw it in the theatre. The droid factory falls into the latter category. Every single detail of it is straight up stupid. But, L8’s version of it is nothing less than inspired. Taking out 3PO and R2, and having Ani (who does not get his light saber destroyed) rescue Padme with the force is fantastic. I think there is zero room for improvement in this scene. This is the definitive version.

If L8 changed nothing else his edit would have a 9/10 in my book. But, there is much more…

What an epII edit really comes down to is how the Ani/Padme relationship is handled. Overall, I am very happy with this edit. The best parts are the missing surfing on the tick looking animal, the missing argument in front of the new queen of Naboo, the addition of the scene with Padme’s family, and removing the kiss from the lakeside scene.
I imagine what will be the most questionable portion is the clip from the fireside scene. It caught me off guard the first time I saw it and I wasn’t sure what to make of it. But, now after viewing it several times I think it works nicely. It at least hints at them sleeping together (though I like to think they didn’t until after they got married. I supposed I’m old fashioned that way : )
In the end, their relationship seems more believable.

But wait, there’s more…

1. 99% of the bad dialogue/deliveries are gone. There are a few lines I could still do without, but when they are sporadic and not line after line torture, the badness is easier to digest.

2. Obiwan is much more subtle in his investigation of Kamino and Jango.

3. The fight between Obi and Jango is shortened significantly and the asteroid battle is left in. I’ve seen some edits take it out, but the seismic charges are cool enough to warrant leaving the scene.

4. The garage scene after Ani kills the Sand people is much, much more bearable. Ani’s overacting is toned down and he comes off more sympathetic.


6. No Yoda saber duel.

It is amazing how much stuff can be cut from the movie and still never miss a beat. I don’t know what that says about GL’s directing/editing but I’m sure it is not good.

As for the technical side, I did not notice any rough edits or transitions. I do not have high quality video or audio so I can’t say much about that besides it was just as good as any other DVD I watch.

Just for academic respectability I will include a few things that I may have done differently:

1. Some lines I would have cut out if possible:

“You’ll always be that little boy from Tattooine.”
“Ahh, you know, master, I couldn’t find a speeder I liked”
“If Obi-Wan saw me doing this he would be very grumpy”
When Yoda is hearing Qui Gon’s voice take out the “noooo.” It doesn’t sound anything like Liam Neeson.
Boba’s goofy laugh when he thinks Obi-Wan is dead
“Aim right above the fuel cells”
“I truly, deeply love you.”

2. I like the trailer for Dawn of the Empire but it would be nice to have a skip option.

I can’t say enough good things about the edit. It is a swift 90 mins long, but it is a much more focused and likeable movie. This DVD has already gone into my AOTC case as my official go to copy. I would give this edit 9.5, but since that is not an option I give it a 10.
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