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May 15, 2011 @ 9:01 am

While I’ll be 33 years old later this year, I can still recall the time period that Tranzor has attempted to recapture with this edit. Channel 50 Detroit (well before Fox assimilated it) first exposed me to “The Thing” back in the mid-eighties when I was still a wee lad, and they also aired classic horror/sci-fi movies from the fifties late at night (although I can’t remember which days they did so…but I’d assume Saturday nights). I was also a huge fan of Elvira and “Dr. Shock’s X-Ray Chiller Theater” as I grew into adolescence. When I saw this, it immediately made me nostalgic for those forgotten times.

With “The Thing” still being my all-time favorite movie after all these years, I knew I had to check this out, despite my initial qualms about having to endure RapidShare in order to download it…but the wait was worth it.

Much like the Thing itself, Tranzor has morphed this classic flick into an entirely new monster; a fusion of different eras in both the horror and sci-fi genres. While the FX of “The Thing” would have been impossible in the fifties and sixties (a span of time that Tranzor’s “vintage” presentation of this movie strives to represent), I was never cognizant of such details as I watched it. It almost felt like a new movie; a classic from the fifties or sixties that was aired on a local television program in the early eighties and recorded on a VCR.

I only have two minor gripes, but they’re more like suggestions and they have nothing to do with Tranzor’s work on this edit. For one, I would like to see Megaupload mirrors for the DVD files. If it wasn’t for my established love of this movie beforehand, I may not have spent an entire day downloading it from RapidShare, which makes you wait 30 minutes in between files if you’re not a premium (paying) user. The other is the DVD artwork. I like it as it is, but I think new DVD artwork based on the banner art for this particular edit (found at would really rock the house.

In closing, I have to say that this edit is a fun new way to watch “The Thing.” This will certainly be in my DVD player again around Halloween. Excellent job, Tranzor.
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