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(Updated: September 02, 2012)
June 14, 2011 @ 10:03 am

To start with this review i should mention that I loathe Revenge of the Fallen. While I enjoy Michael Baysplosion movies like Armageddon and Transformers 1, Revenge of the Fallen felt like other people described how they felt while watching Armageddon: nonsense all the way down.
Like many others I couldn’t imagine how TF2 could be worse than TF1 at least i thought i would enjoy the movie as much as the first one, but after the 2.5 hour torture I would have gladly watched “Disaster Movie” again instead of Revenge of the Fallen. During the movie i started mentally collecting notes for future faneditors where to trim but after a while I gave up. I will keep on looking for a Transformers 2 fanedit that might make me watch the movie, enjoying the effects without being constantly annoyed – sadly this edit is not drastic enough to achieve this.
While some fat has been trimmed there is still the huge amount of robots farting explosions and parachutes, Wheelie humping Megan Fox’s leg, annoying one-liners and everything I can’t stand about TF2. Not to mention that every seconds the Offenso-Bot Twins are onscreen it is tough to listen/watch plus the whole story made less sense than transporting a cube into a megacity to bring it to a military helicopter in the first place, so my cudos to everyone who can squeeze some sense in it.

Enjoyment: 1/10 – the experience sadly didn’t change

Technical Aspects 10/10

the cuts are not noticeable etc. the faneditor did a great job on the technical aspects especially when it comes to:

Video Quality: well… watching fanedits in Bluray is pretty amazing and this is the main scoring point of this edit – damn it looks way better than a normal fanedit, the file is HUUUUGE (20 gig) and I’m curious how long it will take for fanedits to go full bluray (but if i remember correctly there was a HD fanedit mashup of Superman and Batman, so technically this is the second HD fanedit :D ) but currently I don’t know if it will be a standard. The fanediting world can sometimes be very unpredictable and the greatest premise might become a movie you won’t watch again. Or you read through the cutlist, thinking how amazing this will be but the final product is interesting, but overall “meh”
but i can see a Bluray Fanedit future for fanedit jewels like “Revisited” (which Adywan already confirmed to be in HD or other fanedits that are great and so popular that the faneditor might go back a second time to give us the same great experience but this time HD (looking at Jorge for Dark Knight Revisited in Bluray ;) )

so this makes an overall 5.5
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