Transformers: Discovery Of The Cube

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Brief Synopsis:
This Transformers edit was one that I wanted to make more serious and fast paced. Cut out a lot of the talk and stupid humor.
I liked transformers but just wanted to make it shorter and remove the "Michael Bay humor".
Other Sources:
Transformers Dark of the Moon
Transformers Revenge of the Fallen
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Editing Details:
Sony Vegas Pro 12
Cuts and Additions:
Added a few scenes from Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon. Added some new music.
Re-arranged a lot of the scenes around for better story telling.
The intro to the movie starts out like the original then after Optimus says "Then began the war" I inserted the Cybertron battle from Dark of the Moon. Then it continues with Optimus talking about the cube being lost.
Inserted new Title for the movie
All of the arctic scenes from 1897 follow the title.
Then goes to present time where Sam is doing his report at school.
Removed the negotiating of the grade on report.
Trimmed a little at the car dealership.
After Bernie mac says '4 thousand" Then Blackout appears
After Blackout destroys the base, I re-arranged and had the autobot comets coming to earth.
Trimmed majority of the pentagon scenes.
Cut out the scene of Anthony Anderson at home with girl.
Removed ridiculous scene with Josh Duhmal on phone with india guy.
Removed the complete scene with the Secretary of State and others trying to us old computers to communicate.
Added soundwave towards the end of the movie from "Dark of the Moon" showing there will be more to come.
New ending music.
There are other minor cuts and additions here and there.

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