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I really enjoyed watching this. It's amazing how much more seriously that you can take this movie with an orchestral score. I'm not putting down Vince DiCola. I enjoy his score and own it on CD. It's just that Transformers with John Williams' Star Wars music is magnificent.

The widescreen version of the movie was used, which is a shame, because, in this case, the fullscreen version actually shows more. Oh, well.

As BlueYoda noted, in two places, the original music wasn't removed, because it wasn't possible. The first is in the first scene, where you can still hear a bit of "Unicron's Theme".

The second is the main bulk of the Battle of Autobot City. This is before Optimus' arrival. Basically, starting at about 8:35 (right after the attack on the shuttle) and going to about 16:16 (right after Blaster radios Prime), the original score (as well as Stan Bush's "Dare", which turns out to be the only song in this edit) are present. What this means is, for nearly 8 minutes, you're simply watching the Transformers movie unaltered, which is jarring. Since it's unavoidable, however, I'm not taking off any points for it. I do, however, have to take off a point, because, when the audio goes to the original score and then back to Star Wars music, each time, it's audibly noticeable (not sure what the correct term is). Also, when it goes back to Star Wars music (the end of the radio tower scene), there's a slight video hiccup (at least when I view it), so overall audio/video quality gets a point taken off, too.

Extras include trailers for other edits, two fun gags, and the shuttle attack scene without music (though "Instruments of Destruction" is briefly audible as Megatron transforms). The menus are nice.

Overall, highly recommended.

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