Transcendence: Avid4D Recut

Transcendence: Avid4D Recut

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Is Transcendence our friend, or our end?
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Transcendence: Avid4D Recut presents a non-linear approach to the movie. Character motives and intentions are not immediately clear, and the film will jump back and forth providing the viewer information in pieces. This version is aimed at the first time viewer, as those who have seen the theatrical version will know what happens. In addition to the non-linear story telling, selected scenes have an "aspect perspective" effect in an attempt to mess with the viewer's mind even further!
I enjoyed the theatrical release of Transcendence as it has some fantastic concepts, but it felt like a missed opportunity. The pace was also on the slow side. Unlike some of my previous edits, I decided this movie did not benefit from a traditional linear story, so I proceeded to break it apart and reassemble the movie back together in a different way to make it more interesting.

Even after establishing a new structure for the story, I went further to make viewing Transcendence a unique experience by editing the "perspective" of selected scenes. Sometimes you may not even notice, but I hope there may be occasions when the viewer questions what they just saw.

As I have done in some of my recent edits, be sure to sit through ALL the post credits as I include multiple scenes all the way to the very end.
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MP4 H.264 1080p HD with 5.1 Digital Dolby AC3 Surround Sound

Note: most modern TVs and surround sound amplifier/receivers will decode Dolby Digital. If you are using a PC then you will need to install an AC3 Filter driver.
Editing Details:
A major prerequisite of completing this edit was to ensure the audio and soundtrack were fluid or enhanced. I removed a couple of songs that didn't fit the mood/feeling I want this Recut to have, and using the original motion picture soundtrack I replaced music in key sequences and during the post credits.
Cuts and Additions:
Too many small, individual cuts to mention, but in total 24 minutes has been removed to tighten and streamline the story.

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