Topher Grace Fanedits Curb Your Enthusiasm

Topher Grace, the actor probably best known for his portrayal as Eric Foreman on That 70s Show has not been shy about his nerdy love of film and his ventures into fanediting.  He first made waves in the scene by announcing his own fanedit of the Star Wars prequels, a heavy-handed 3-in-1 remix that condensed the trilogy into a single 85-minute film.  While the film was never released into the masses, he did host a private screening, during which he also shared a trailer for an edit of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. On his website, Cereal Prize, Grace has shared a number of mash-up shorts and edit trailers with hopes of creating a fanedit community within the Hollywood circuit.

His latest experiment with fanediting ventures into television: this time around he has edited together scenes from Curb Your Enthusiasm into a 9-minute Seinfeld reunion episode. He posted the following video to his Facebook page.

[fbvideo link=”” width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]

Here’s what he had to say:

I edited all the Seinfeld scenes from Curb season 7 into one episode. It’s more like a radio play, but if you sew together all the dialogue from audition scenes, read-throughs and rehearsals together… a 9 minute hint at what the plot of a reunion might have been.

We think it’s pretty cool that those within the movie and television industry are also remixing films and shows. Hopefully others take Grace’s lead and start sharing some fanedits.