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I'm a huge James Cameron fan and I've seen Titanic, perhaps shamefully so, too many times. I even tackled my own version of Titanic several years ago reinserting all the deleted scenes because who doesn't want more Titanic?

Obviously DSM2337.

I watched this with my wife over the weekend and we both thought it was very well done. All modern day scenes have been removed as well as a few nips and tucks to existing scenes, and a couple deleted scenes have been put back in. I could nitpick about a few choices here and there but I won't since it didn't affect my enjoyment of the film. The only thing I'm docking one star for is in the audio editing for a few minor issues I had. DSM didn't make bad cuts, but the audio transition between two scenes where a modern day one was cut felt a little off. Also, a few areas I felt the music could have been a little louder since VO was removed.

Again, these are minor issues, nothing more.

If you love Titanic and would like to see a version that takes place solely in 1912, this is definitely for you.

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