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downloaded that a long time ago and forgot the review:

This edit is a very interesting take on Titanic and I was amazed how well the added scenes compensated the lack of Rose-scenes. We get every explanation we need from the scenes with jack and the story has no holes – of course Rose’s character becomes less complex than in the original since we don’t know about all the stuff that’s going on, but on the other hand now the story tells how a “true survivor” had an impact on a person that was unaware of her potential and unaware of the happiness of life – so in a way even though Rose’s arc is reduced a lot of the powerful emotion is still there because of the powerful performances.

It’s until the sinking ship where the editing becomes a little weird and you can clearly hear music passages getting overlaid to avoid rapid audio shifts, still the whole rhythm of a lot of scenes gets lost since this edit focuses solely on Jack and Rose and while I understand that because of that all the other characters are cut down to their interactions with the couple there are a lot of great scenes gone – just outside shots of the people looking at the Titanic, the sad picture of the floating women in the flooded room, the whole scene where the band plays “nearer my god to thee” – it just hurts to know those are gone, still I understand boon’s reasoning for cutting them in order to achieve the edit

the entertainment is still in titanic, it is faster than the original film, there are no plotholes and i had a nice time watching this:

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