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(Updated: September 05, 2012)
March 13, 2011 @ 2:37 pm

I thought this was a well-done edit.
I noticed that a couple scenes were absent, and if they are in my memory after a single viewing of this film so very many years ago, I guess they made an impact and so I wonder why they were cut. One is the “I’m the King of the world!” with Jack standing, arms extended, on the forward rails. Another scene is the musicians on the sinking ship, deciding not to split up and flee, but rather to stay and play together as the vessel sinks; the musicians are shown noting that they don’t get much audience at dinner, either, but that they’ll play anyway. When I saw that one, I wondered if the final shot of them would be shown, and when it wasn’t I felt that the previous shots really could have been totally removed, or at least heavily trimmed to minimize their depiction. In keeping with the fanedit’s idea/purpose of presenting strictly “Jack’s story”, I think the absence of the ‘King of World’ celebration and the inclusion of the violinists is betraying that goal.
A minor issue was when the minder of the husband (a.k.a. the gunman) comes looking for Rose while she’s down at the party with Jack; we see him come down and scan the crowd, but that’s it. Did he see her, did he approach them, what happened with this? A shot to close this action was missing, though I’m sure director Cameron must have had it in his film. Again, a bit later, the gunman is jumped by Jack in the flooding dining room (so that Jack & Rose can escape him hunting them), and then later he is quickly shown on the deck, bloodied by trying to survive as the ship is going under. This was more acceptable to be there, but surely Jack did not see him, so I just felt that the shot should not have been left in.
Another couple scenes had some transitional wipes, which seemed to be added, not original to the film – and thus noticeable. It also stood out that the theme song “My Heart Will Go On” was used about four or five times, though it was thankfully the orchestral ‘score’ version(s) and not the Celine Dion ballad (ugh).
Other than what’s mentioned above, this fanedit didn’t seem too much different, which is complimentary because it is an hour shorter! It still provided the main story, and yet at the same time it was appreciably briefer, with no Bill Paxton modern-day submariner sequence. It all adds up to make it a go-to edition of “Titanic” for me, and it’s done very well, but just not one of Boon’s/CBB’s best releases (which are plentiful).
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