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December 14, 2009 @ 10:29 pm

I DL’d this version to watch on a long mission (I fly planes for the USAF) where I would be staying in a lot of hotels outside the US. I thought it’d be a perfect time to really watch this edit. I had watched AdigitalMan’s extended edition with my girlfriend about three weeks prior to watching this edit. I feel I have a pretty good perspective on the “original” version and this edit.

First, I understand why/where the cuts, edits etc. were made. Based on what I know of CBB’s intention for this edit, he made the correct choices to realize his intention. I might have included the “iceberg straight ahead” scene and kept more of the iceberg striking the Titanic. I realize that Jack didn’t personally experience these scenes, but a movie still for the audience watching it and the inclusion of these scenes would have made for a better edit overall. A viewer wants to experience these scenes, even if the main character does not.

Secondly, there is some loss or resonance with many of the scenes because we only see things that contain Jack, and then later on, Jack and Rose. Again, I am in complete agreeance with CBB’s edit because of his intentions to make this a Jack-centric edit.

I was surprised that I didn’t enjoy this edit as much as I really expected to. Technically a great edit, great video/audio quality etc. A perfection execution of the editor’s intention. I didn’t realize how much a great deal of the secondary characters/secondary plot is necessary for this movie. Don’t misunderstand, I had a very dififcult time sitting thru AdigitalMan’s extended version too – just too long and slow in many areas (NOT due to AdigitalMan’s edit – his is flawless – it’s just a long movie and has slow spots as released).
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