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October 13, 2009 @ 8:08 pm

Being the only straight man on Earth who really enjoyed the original film I got the urge to watch Titanic last night. I remembered that I had a copy of CBB’s Jack Edit collecting figurative dust and I decided it was time to give it a go.

First off, this cut removes a large amount of the film bringing the running time just over 2hrs. This was a nice change from the 3hr epic I was used to. This cut focuses primarily on Jack Dawson and we only see/learn the plot through his scenes – This worked great for a ‘new perspective’ on the film but there was a great deal of my favorite scenes that were removed.
All are secondary characters who’s scenes/stories do not directly intersect w/ Jack’s —

***SPOILERS***(the ‘present day’ old Rose/salvage crew plot is gone, the crows nest “ICEBERG DEAD AHEAD!” and subsequent bridge scene where the crew attempts to maneuver around the Berg. The scenes with the engineer explaining how the ship will flood and sink) ***END SPOILERS***

— so I understand why they were cut and this version works great w/o them but on a personal level, I missed them only because I felt they were some of the most intriguing/well acted/suspenseful scenes. They were the closest to “Jim Cameron” scenes in the whole film, if you will. ;)

Like the disclaimer states at the end of the edit – If you liked Titanic but felt it was a vaj-fest this edit makes it manlier and more thrilling. However, if you are like me (which you probably arent) and liked the original film – there are alot of great scenes that have been removed.

On the flipside, this edit restores 9 (IIRC) deleted scenes, many I have never seen, and does expand Jacks character and makes him more interesting IMO.

Video: 9/10 minor compression artifacts and noise. being a 2hr film, this would benefit from a DL release

Audio: 9/10 almost seamless – there was a small audio hiccup right after Rose/Jack kiss in the steam room (around 56:00) and another less obvious one at the end as Rose is blowing the whistle (around 1:58:00) maybe just my DVD but I rewound and heard them again so…?

Entertainment: 7/10 Like all the women and less of the men out there, I really liked the original version. I appreciated the trims around the love story to keep it less vaj-tastic but the trims to the rest of the story (while beneficial to Jacks story) irked me because I enjoyed them and truly missed them here.

DVD: 8/10 motion menu, trailers, commentary. overall an nice package.

Final Score (Average): 8/10
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