Titanic – The Jack Edit

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Titanic – The Jack Edit
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This is the courageous attempt to create a version of Titanic, which is bearable for men. It’s the story about Jack, who with a lucky hand won a ticket – on the Titanic.
Titanic is the most successful movie of all time (currently). It is about one of the worst catastrophes that ever happened, it is about human arrogance and the cruelty of nature. And it is a about a love that was not supposed to happen. The reaction, when you talk to people about this movie are pretty interesting. Women love it, men hate it. The reason fo rthat is the first 90 minutes of the movie, which are about the treasure hunt nowadays and old Rose’s memories of her life on the Titanic, featuring a long and detailed story about the rich and beautiful, yet so unhappy first class people on this ship. When the iceberg finally arrived and the drama was about to start, it was all too late already: men were annoyed or sleeping. But this drama was really well filmed. The entire movie is really well played and there is so much atmosphere in it, that it would be a waste if men could never enjoy this at all. Therefore this one needed a fanedit and hopefully it can do what the original couldn’t: entertain men.
Release Information:
Special Features
- COMMENTARY : yes, a 2-minutes piece
- CBB OVERVIEW : yes, for all 20 fanedits
- COVER & Disc ART : yes, on DVD-Rom part
Editing Details:
This fanedit is supposed to change the perspective of the movie and it does so by focusing on Jack, the courageous young man, who won a ticket on the Titanic as a 3rd class passenger, only to find the love of his life, which he was willing to risk everything for. To change perspective we took out all references to old Rose, all her voice overs, all the treasure hunting for the necklace and most of all: all that happens to Rose until Jack and her are a couple. Since our edit focuses solely on Jack, there also isn’t much about the Titanic. No machine room, no captain’s discussions, no crew talk. All of these are great scenes, but they just didn’t fit to our movie. We included 9 of the deleted scenes, which add more character to Jack and also some more adventurous events. Now this is a dramatic love story about a true hero on the Titianic, about his struggle to survive. Nothing more and nothing less. It is a completely different watching experience and we really tried to take care, so nothing important is missing.
Cuts and Additions:
- 9 of the deleted scenes were reintegrated. Among these are:
- Rose visits 3rd class.
- Rose and Jack after the party.
- kissing in the machine room.
- hunted by Lovejoy.
- surviving in the icy water.

- Old Rose was completely removed. This version is about Jack.
- The treasure hunt for the necklace was completely removed. Without old Rose this was not needed.
- All Rose scenes from the beginning were removed, where Jack is not present. Later on, when they get closer, Rose gets scenes alone.
- All scenes from inside of the Titanic, where Jack isn’t present are removed, as well as all scenes of other passengers, including their tragic demise, when the Titanic sinks. This was done because of perspective reasons. This edit stays true to Jack. So there are not even the deaths or destinies of rather close people shown (Fabrizio, Tommy, Cal, Ruth, Molly, The Captain)
- At several different occasions music from Harry Gregson Williams’ soundtrack “Chronicles of Narnia” is added. It fits perfectly.
Cover art by CBB (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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(Updated: September 05, 2012)
April 12, 2010 @ 4:24 pm

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(Updated: September 05, 2012)
June 27, 2012 @ 1:26 am

This is the best fan edit I have ever seen. I’m amazed how well this works as a movie.

If I was teaching a film class this would definitely be part of my class. Although your goal was to create a version that men could watch, you ended up with something completely different and I think this Fanedit is very unique in that respect.

The deleted scenes work very well. Fabresio, his girlfriend and the irish guy are a bigger part of the movie to the point that they’re almost co-stars along with Rose.

If I had to give any criticism, the ice berg hit felt a little rushed… Maybe add a bit more footage there, where they’re scrambling, etc.

The message at the end. Sounds a bit defensive. Just let the movie end and roll the credits.
I hope to see a blu-ray version of this.
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(Updated: September 05, 2012)
March 13, 2011 @ 2:37 pm

I thought this was a well-done edit.
I noticed that a couple scenes were absent, and if they are in my memory after a single viewing of this film so very many years ago, I guess they made an impact and so I wonder why they were cut. One is the “I’m the King of the world!” with Jack standing, arms extended, on the forward rails. Another scene is the musicians on the sinking ship, deciding not to split up and flee, but rather to stay and play together as the vessel sinks; the musicians are shown noting that they don’t get much audience at dinner, either, but that they’ll play anyway. When I saw that one, I wondered if the final shot of them would be shown, and when it wasn’t I felt that the previous shots really could have been totally removed, or at least heavily trimmed to minimize their depiction. In keeping with the fanedit’s idea/purpose of presenting strictly “Jack’s story”, I think the absence of the ‘King of World’ celebration and the inclusion of the violinists is betraying that goal.
A minor issue was when the minder of the husband (a.k.a. the gunman) comes looking for Rose while she’s down at the party with Jack; we see him come down and scan the crowd, but that’s it. Did he see her, did he approach them, what happened with this? A shot to close this action was missing, though I’m sure director Cameron must have had it in his film. Again, a bit later, the gunman is jumped by Jack in the flooding dining room (so that Jack & Rose can escape him hunting them), and then later he is quickly shown on the deck, bloodied by trying to survive as the ship is going under. This was more acceptable to be there, but surely Jack did not see him, so I just felt that the shot should not have been left in.
Another couple scenes had some transitional wipes, which seemed to be added, not original to the film – and thus noticeable. It also stood out that the theme song “My Heart Will Go On” was used about four or five times, though it was thankfully the orchestral ‘score’ version(s) and not the Celine Dion ballad (ugh).
Other than what’s mentioned above, this fanedit didn’t seem too much different, which is complimentary because it is an hour shorter! It still provided the main story, and yet at the same time it was appreciably briefer, with no Bill Paxton modern-day submariner sequence. It all adds up to make it a go-to edition of “Titanic” for me, and it’s done very well, but just not one of Boon’s/CBB’s best releases (which are plentiful).
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(Updated: September 05, 2012)
April 10, 2010 @ 10:02 pm

Every year in April I dust off my Titanic movies and documentaries for watching on the lead-up to the night of the 14th/15th. I’ll select one of the movies to watch over the approximate time frame of the sinking. This year is a little different, since I had got it in my head that I wanted to find and own a copy of the 3 or 4 disc “complete” package of Cameron’s epic. Within minutes of starting my google search I discovered fanedit.org. Imagine my glee at finding not only a complete Cameron “Titanic” but also the “Ship of Dreams” and the “Jack” edits! Talk about striking a motherlode!

So the “Jack” edit by boon23 is my first official complete DVD fanedit package. Others have expressed most of what I liked about it, so I’ll just hit one thing. The choice of perspective — focusing on Jack — makes for a totally different take on both the love-story and the sinking of the ship. Not to mention the relegation of many a solid supporting role into that of walk-on bit-players. In this I think CBB has hit a bases-loaded home-run. Whereas Cameron sold us the Jack & Rose love-story in order to be able to tell us the real love-story (his obsession with the ship), the “Jack” edit sells the viewer a scrappy Saturday-night high-adventure TV story of a young explorer of the the world who happens at the wrong place and wrong time to fall in love with the wrong girl…and paid in full-measure for that love.

It is really quite a strong piece of work, and makes for a perfect 2 hour movie. Very little drags in this version of the story — except perhaps the restored scene where Lovejoy pursues Jack & Rose at Hockley’s urging. That restored sceen could have had a minute trimmed out of it and been just as effective. By focusing half the running time on events during the collision, sinking and death-by-freezing in the water, the CBB “Jack” version of the story mirrors the pacing of the classic “A Night To Remember”, which uses the POV of 2nd officer Lightoller as it’s guideline.

I have to agree with the comment that ironically, in recrafting this manly, heroic, POV the love-story is actually of even greater-importance than before. But in a good way because now there’s more focused action and high-adventure, and the love-story drives everything that happens, rather than only 50% of it. Perhaps a cut to the final scene of Rose by herself claiming Dawson as her name would have been good. (Food for thought: I wonder if an equivalent strictly-imposed “Rose” POV edit would be as interesting. Certainly not as action-packed!)

I thought that technically this DVD was well-assembled. The bonus features were useful to watch first in order to establish what the faneditor was trying for. I was never quite able to get a decent widescreen on my TV that didn’t seem just ever-so-slightly squashed, but that may be me and my equipment. I shall try it again on another setup and see if that doesn’t fix it. My other issue with the film was that it seemed perhaps just a bit too video-compressed and lacking in crispness @ DVD5. Sort of like watching it on VHS. I’d like to see it in dual-layer DVD9 for comparison.

Still, those are minor quibbles. All things considered a very strong fanedit that makes me interested in having a go at a few things in my own DVD library. 10/10 for achieving the faneditor’s stated goals and perhaps 8/10 as a full-fledged DVD experience that would have been quite a delight to have arrive in my Netflix queue!
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(Updated: September 05, 2012)
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February 3, 2010 @ 10:50 am

Watched this excellent edit last night, it moves along at a cracking well paced speed, for me i found it be very enjoyable, the focus on Jack and Rose is wonderfull the way it unfolds, this could have been released as the final movie! Plenty of scenes I have seen before, that work really well in this edit.
The ending has been mentioned, it’s the editors choice, it worked as an ending, it could have gone two other ways, They both die in the water, which is left in the air here, or with a couple more short scenes
could have shown Rose to have been saved, and arrive in the states,
video/audio quality 10/10

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