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I'll confine this review to those parts of the DVD presentation that didn't have their own IFDB entries...

Time-Travel-Consecution DVD Menu - This rocked. Loved the visuals and the music. Kudus to either Neglify or MG for making it. I enjoyed watching it as much as the edits.

Just In Time by DMPD - Not sure why this was disapproved. It was excellent. Extracts a clever A-Picture from a dated B-Movie.

Blue Yoda Theatre - Hilarious and oh so cleverly thought out and put together. I always knew Supes was a Douche ;-)

Trailer: His Time Machine - Much as it pains me to say it but the new modern-looking colour-timing looked badass. "Teal" and "Orange" are no longer dirty words. The trippy music was lovely too.

Trailer: Terminal 3 - I'm not in love with the use of digital FX here. After viewing the B&W inspiration recently on the same DVD, this edit idea cries out for similar monochrome simpleness. I'm still gonna download the hell out this edit when it's done though.

Future Shock: Editor's Commentary - I enjoyed this twice as much on the second commentary run through. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Run Marty Run: Making of Running 3 - To quote a certain Vulcan, "Fascinating".

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