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Blackadder Back and Forth was a curious old thing...made it at the time as a complimentary peice for the ill-advised Millennium Dome eyesore. While it was nice to see plenty of familiar characters, the comedy seemed to have taken a humor by-pass. It was perhaps a little too in love with the memory of past glories rather than try to do anything new with the ensemble or even the premise.

Mr. Cinema has decided to make this a black and white piece, smoothed over transitions with great throwback music to films of old lore, and removed most of the jokes, and you wouldn't even know they were gone. Blackadder always works better when the characters are playing things completly straight despite their performances being so over the top, and here, holding back on the intended punch-lines makes it funnier in a slightly different way. No longer does it seem like they are trying "too hard", you feel like everything is more natural.

This is a fine edit and does more to instill good faith once again in a product that is usually all too rare to muck up

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