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If any Bond film is asking for a fan edit, it's this one (and I myself have been asking for an edit of it for quite some time). Not a bad movie by any means, but one that I just find less and less appealing on each subsequent viewing. It's gotten to the point where this is possibly my least favorite Connery, which is a shame because it's pretty cool. Still, lots of room for improvement, which thankfully is done here.

First of all, the movie is way over bloated. This is definitely helped. Overlong sequences are trimmed (underwater battle I'm very much looking at you) and the pacing is all the better for it. The second issue is that Thunderball is kind of stupid. This is helped a bit, but there's only so much that can be done. I personally would have went even further with the cuts (especially in the first act) but this isn't too bad.

It's not everything that I'd do but it is most of it, which is enough for me. I can safely say that this will be my new Thunderball from now on, which is much appreciated. Recommended.
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