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FanMix May 16, 2022 2352
(Updated: January 05, 2023)
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Not going to beat around the box of grenades and pretend to have some better ideas, this is a straight TEN!!!

Seeing the Grindhouse trailers of Gieferg I thought at first they were piecemeal guffaws for the purposes of laying out impossible concepts, spoofing the spoofs and tending towards the incredulous vaguenesses of dreams of fan-edits only dreamed of. In particular the Rambo and Three Bears one.... Hahaha. It turns out its a real thing. A feature length film, incorporating perfectly chosen pieces of various Rambo movies along with other iconic reels found on the cutting room floor. It all fits together seemlessly. Great movie!!!

... I will say, I am new here and am not sure what else is going round in the Grindhouse arena. I do still find it hard to believe that there can be any one-upping of this monumental achievement (in respect of a Rambo and the Three Bears fan-edit certainly). Perfected. If there is a higher bar then we need another level to grade these. Is there a GFEOAT (greatest fan-edit of all-time) award going???

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February 20, 2023
Since you're new, given how much you loved this edit, I have to recommend Blue Yoda's "Escape from the Shining Alien Thing From Beyond the Stars." It's like John Carpenter's The Thing in the style of Airplane, with a little bit of everything else sprinkled throughout. It's truly one of the best fan edits I've ever seen
1 results - showing 1 - 1