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(Updated: June 12, 2015)
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Thanks for the edit, I must say it flows pretty well, much better than the original!

I'm not sure what to think of the ending concerning Loki, I thought it was much more ambiguous than the theatrical cut. Is that a good thing? I don't know. However, the official canon is the less ambiguous part that's why I'm uncertain of this one. Still, it works and the end credits scenes are definitely in the correct order now.

As far as the editing, it was seamless throughout. Had I not watched the original, I wouldn't even notice what got cut. The added scenes blended perfectly with the theatrical ones. I did notice a small drop in picture/audio quality but maybe that's just because the blu-ray is uncompressed and maybe has a better bitrate overall, which would be unsurprising. However, it's definitely good!

I noticed that you removed 1 or 2 Loki lines here and there, most notably a line with Odin, and I'm not sure I can agree with this. Loki's actor kills it in this movie and I'm not sure that removing any of his scenes is worth it, even if it's just 1 bit of dialogue. That's the only thing I wouldn't remove, in my opinion.

Apart from that, the movie paces so much better in the early parts it's an incredible bump from the theatrical cut. The "exposition" scenes are placed in a way better position in the movie and leaves a lot of surprise/suspense to the early parts, a kind of "what's going on?" feeling instead of already knowing because of narration. This movie is a great example of why avoiding narration is often the right choice: you removed it and placed the exposition where it made more sense and the movie was greatly improved by it.

So, a very great edit, I'm glad I have this now and I strongly suggest people to get it. I would hope for a slightly tweaked version restoring the removed Loki dialogue but that's just nitpicking. I don't think it's much more than 1 or 2 lines of dialogue in all. I was thinking specifically of "Give or take 5000 years" and such.

Have a nice day!

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